Ben: Chief twit, wine & beer blogger

Blogger Ben

So who is this chap writing all these blog posts and tweeting away like fury @thewineyard?

Well I’m Ben, an early twenty-something guy helping run the best food & wine specialist shop in the Lancaster & Morecambe area. I’m passionate about 3 main things: our business, my friends, and videogames. All 3 are equally important, which is why you’ll sometimes see the odd tweet at 3am about whichever game is keeping me up, or what film we’ve been playing drinking games to.

Of course it’s mostly wine on the shop’s account though, and rightly so. If you want more of the other stuff follow me @ben_hodgkinson where I’ll happily talk all sorts like sports, tv, films, & more. For any gamers out there, find me on Xbox Live or Steam under ‘Tiddlywinks72’ and invite me to a game if you see me online.

The main thrust of this blog is to highlight events & new wines in the shop for the moment, but as I look to study for professional qualifications & try and get a website up and running in the coming months, I’m hoping to find plenty more material to waffle about! I’ll gladly welcome and gratefully receive any suggestions for topics to write about if anyone has ideas.

If you ever have any questions about anything at all, or simply want to poke fun at me when Manchester United lose (15+ years a supporter), just fire away. I’m almost always in a good mood so I’ll probably take it well, and I’ll always always do everything I can to help, day or night. 😉

P.S. You can always e-mail me if a tweet’s too short:

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