About The Wineyard & Deli

The Wineyard & Deli is a small food and drink shop, based in Bare, Morecambe (UK), which specialises in wines. We love nothing more than trying loads of new wines and telling our customers all about them, so we decided to get active online and tell everyone else about them too. This blog is where we’ll be posting our tasting notes on wines, news and reports on upcoming and recent events, and generally interesting stuff related to the shop and our love of grape juice. If you have any thoughts on what we write, good or bad, or any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to post comments in response to blog updates, or get hold of us via Twitter (http://twitter.com/thewineyard) and look us up on Facebook (Search for “The Wineyard & Deli”).

5 Responses to “About The Wineyard & Deli”

  1. James Darnell Says:

    Do you have any nice 2005 bottles of St Emillion in at the moment?

    • thewineyard Says:

      We certainly do! We have a Grand Cru from Chateau Haut-Badon from 2005 which is £15.99. We also have a Grand Cru 2006 from Chateau Haut Pezat for £19.49. Our only other Right Bank Bordeaux is a 2002 Pomerol from Chateau de Valois for £29.99. After that you’re onto Medoc and beyond.

  2. Project Awesome « The Wineyard & Deli Blog Says:

    […] man and brainchild called Ben who helps manage a small food and drink shop in Morecombe called The Wineyard & Deli. […]

  3. Emma Jesson Says:

    Do you have a telephone number i can contact you on please?!
    Thanks, Emma

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