A couple of fine IPAs


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In the past week or two I’ve been getting into beer in a big way, thanks in no small part to Anchor Steam & Brooklyn Lager (which I blogged about as well). I’ve been devouring blog after blog & beer after beer, and recently tried a couple of cracking IPAs. Brew Dog’s Punk IPA seems to be widely regarded as one of Britain’s very best, and Goose Island is a well-rated Chicago brewery whose IPA just joined our range.

Both offered bags of crisp citrus flavours (more so than any Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc dares – any fans of this style of white wine, listen closely now) & plenty of refreshment. Punk was stuffed full of grapefruit character in particular & had a wickedly tart style to it. It left our mouths positively watering, and was utterly more-ish. Worthy of it’s formidable rep then!image

The Goose Island was a little less kick-you-in-the-tonsils in approach, but was still lively enough. More orange & lime rind (maybe even marmalade-y) this time, still a touch of grapefruit but a little softer on the taste-buds.

Both excellent beers, one which we stock (goose) & one which I’m vigorously pursuing (punk) to add to our range. I’d love to try some more quality IPAs, so if you’ve any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

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UPDATE: We’re going to be stocking some of the Brew Dog range in coming months! Keep an eye on my tweets & the blog for news of their arrival.


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