A New Mission for Agent Cay

I am just taking the first sip of my 20th coffee of the day when my phone buzzes.

‘Christina. There is a package waiting for you in reception’.

I smile a secret little smile to myself. It’s here.

I lead a double life you see. By day, I am a mild mannered Web Editor for a University. I am professional, polite and unassuming. By night? Well. By night I am something else entirely. 

The first inklings of a plan form in my mind as I step into the lift, and by the time I’ve ascended to the ground floor and walked to reception, I have decided what I must do. 

I pick up the package and examine it closely. There appears to be a message written on one of its sides.

Suitably covert eh? That’s me alright. 

I make small talk with the security guard as I sign for the parcel. Yes, lovely weather we’re having isn’t it? Yes, I am enjoying the World Cup. Yes, I do have plans for the weekend. Interesting plans. You might even say awesome plans. My reverie is shattered when the security guard suddenly remarks;

‘Interesting package you’ve got there love. What could that be?’

I hear my handler B’s voice in my head. ‘No one must know about Project Awesome until the time is right Agent Cay. No one.’

I raise my hand to the vintage brooch on the lapel of my suit jacket and press down on it gently. It releases a colourless odorless gas which will wipe the Security Guard’s memory clean. He’ll remember nothing of the package or our conversation.

I return to my desk and secrete the package in my satchel before anyone can see. Project Awesome is still my little secret for now. But for how long? 




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