Tasting: Wines of South Africa – Friday 2nd July, 7pm

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Well it was almost inevitable really, with the World Cup being on, that we would cash in on all the interest in South Africa and do a related tasting. Don’t let our profit-hungry cynical marketing ploy put you off getting involved though! South Africa genuinely does make some absolutely fantastic wines, and they are well worth trying for yourself.

Most people know they do the whites well (mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, but also the odd Chardonnay and Viognier worth trying), but they also make some phenomenal reds that could confidently be counted amongst their international peers as really top notch. Shiraz (aka Syrah) is often very good quality, Merlot can also be really good, and of course, their speciality, Pinotage, is where they really distinguish themselves from the crowd. South Africa’s unique selling point if you like, a lovely little grape making reds that range from dense, complex creatures, to bold and juicy little numbers that really surprise you with their vibrancy and berry-fruit flavours. There are also some cracking Pinot Noirs and Mouvedres to look out for.

A really interesting and increasingly diverse wine-making country, this is an area South Africa really excels in (unlike football it would seem), and we promise we won’t have any vuvuzelas. ; )

If you want to come along and try some stuff for yourself, it couldn’t be easier. £10 a ticket, at least 8 wines to taste along with tasty treats from the Deli side of the shop, and the fountain of wine-knowledge Barry Howarth on hand to guide you through it all. You surely can’t have better plans than that for your friday evening?

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Give us a quick call on 01524400011 or pop by the shop to book your tickets. Or tweet us.

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