Vote for our next tasting on Twitter

Throughout today, I’m running a poll on which beers we taste for our next online beer tasting on Twitter. Following the success of the BrewDog tasting last week (there’s a blog post half-finished as I type to report back on all the beers and what we got up to), I’ll be doing it all over again on Saturday 22nd May, with some fantastic American craft beers. However, with 10 to choose from, the choice is broader this time and I was torn on what to do. So I’m throwing the choice over to all of you instead.

One option is to taste our way through all 10 beers in one evening (I’d highly recommend doing it with a friend and having half of each if this is what we do). Another is to do 5 beers for the next tasting, and the other 5 at another point in time. This is fairly easy to do, as it lets us taste beer from 2 breweries in each session, dividing the set up quite nicely.

We’ve got the following beers to pick from:

Vote for which beers you’d like to try in this poll (running until about 11pm Sunday), and whichever comes out on top will be next Saurday’s Twitter Tasting.

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