Undurraga Gewurztraminer 2007 (Chile)

Gewurztraminer is great to drink in spring with all its floral characteristics well in tune with the newly flowering buds of the season, and the lovely aromas in the garden or at the park. Typically offering lots of rose petal, lychee and violet aromas, it is always an exotic and luscious wine, particularly suited to spicy oriental foods. Few would disagree that Alsace (France) is king when it comes to Gewurztraminer, producing intense, floral, exciting and in-your-face wines that leap out of the glass and on to your tongue. However, the Germans and Italians like to play around with it too (I tried a very interesting Italian example at Enotria’s Leeds tasting not so long ago), and the New World is now demonstrating some considerable talent with the grape too. We currently stock a fantastic Alsace-style Gewurz from Marlborough (New Zealand), and a Clare Valley (Australia) offering as well.

The Gewurz we’re tasting this weekend is surprisingly cheap at £5.99 (others are often £9+), and offers a slight twist on the Alsace model. A Chilean white, made from grapes grown in Maipo Valley vineyards. The aromas still have those classic rose petal and lychee notes, although a tad more restrained than usual, but there’s also plenty of zesty fresh fruit coming through as well. On the palate, the flavours are undeniably Gewurz, but in addition to the luscious, rich floral qualities, there’s a dominant streak of grapefruit that had my mouth watering in no time. This is much more refreshing stuff, and is livelier than expected. The flavours are vibrant, the colour bright, and the aromas exciting.

Once again I was tweeting my thoughts as I tasted live this week (here, here, here, here, and here). Follow me on Twitter for many more live tastings as and when I try any wines.

If you’d like to know more about this wine, check out the technical sheet here.

Throughout this weekend while this is open on the tasting counter, we’ll be offering 10% off on 2 or more bottles, and 15% off on 6 or more bottles. Feel free to mix them for discount with any other wines being tasted too.

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