Pick my wine!

I’ve got 2 wines in my house at the moment, and whichever you guys are more interested in finding out about, I’ll taste for the first time tonight (on camera if I can get it working). I’ll then blog about the wine, what I thought of it, and all the usual supplier info I can get my hands on. If anyone then takes the time to come into the shop over the weekend, I’ll even throw in 10% discount if you buy a couple of bottles of the wine for yourselves. If there’s interest in this, I’m thinking of making it something of a regular feature (maybe once a week?) to give you guys the chance to find out more about wines that interest you. So without further delay, today’s choices:

Norfolk Rise Shiraz 2006 (Mount Benson, Australia)
Norfolk Rise Shiraz 2006 (Mount Benson, Australia)

Norfolk Rise Shiraz 2006 (Mount Benson, Australia)

Aged 14 months in predominantly French oak, and made from Estate harvested grapes. Packs a punch at 14.5% alcohol. One of our many ever-popular Shiraz from Australia. Should be very smooth, rich and full of fruit flavour, with a peppery warmth that the style is famous for. Looking forward to it a lot, as I’m a big fan of the style myself, although it’s going to have a tough time competing with Billi Billi Shiraz 2005 which we sell at a very similar price.

Trapiche "Astica" Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008 (Argentina)
Trapiche “Astica” Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008 (Argentina)

Trapiche “Astica” Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008 (Argentina)

The classic white blend of Bordeaux, France, usually producing crisp, refreshing whites. The bottle indicates this one should have “soft tropical fruit flavours”. If this proves to be the case, it should be an interesting contrast with the citrus-dominated styles Sauvignon Blanc is known for. Argentina is mostly known for it’s red wines, which cope much better with the climate, but white grape varieties are being planted more widely now, and the likes of Torrontes and Viognier have been particularly well-received.

So all through today, I’ll be collecting votes on Twitter and in the comments section of this post. Pick whichever you’d like to find out more about, and the most popular will be featured tonight. If you’re really keen, pick up a bottle yourself from the shop this afternoon and taste along with me. šŸ˜‰

3 Responses to “Pick my wine!”

  1. George Munton Says:

    the norfok rise shiraz – for me.

    not a massive fan of white – like the odd chablis and sancerre

  2. Clare Says:

    Keen to know if the sauvignon is less citrus-dominated than normal so gets my vote!

  3. thewineyard Says:

    Norfolk Rise has won it, 60% to 40% of the vote. Tasting notes coming up in the next 30 mins or so. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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