New tankards for Bryson’s Ales

Bryson’s ale jugs

Originally uploaded by The Wineyard

We just received 353 brand spanking new swanky tankards for you guys to take your ale home in! For those who don’t already know, we always have a barrel of Bryson’s finest ale on draught at The Wineyard (2 litres for £4), and we sell it to you fine folks in plastic jugs for a one-off deposit of £2.50 (which you get back if you decide you don’t want any more refills of course). We were running low on said jugs though, so we decided to get some of our very own customised bad boys whipped up to replenish our supply, and we think they look rather good! If you agree, why not pop in and have a free taste of whatever we have on tap at the time? If you like the beer, you can take it home in one of these. What’s that you say? Already got one of the old jugs and paid the deposit for it? Prefer the new design? Return the old jug and we’ll swap it for a new style 2.0 tankard no problem! 😉

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